Wednesday, October 25, 2006

oNe daY b4 haRi raYA...

4.15 am.. still maKin ketupat..

6.15 .. sleeP !~~Zzzzzzzz


waKE up.... (sLEPeY~yawN)

12.30 pm... repaIr this sIlly dOOr

1.30... repaIr thIs mIghty biKE

3.30pm keTupaT alreaDy cOOked .. ~! nyUm nYum~!

maY this be the nicesT hari raYa ever.. haPPy haRi raya and maAf zaHir baTin dari hujung ramBut hingga hujung jaRi kaKi...

Monday, October 23, 2006

keTupaT yaNg maNyak...

kejap laGi nak reBus.. tapi manYAk laGi taK siap nih... T_T

Sunday, October 22, 2006


soMetime i feel lost.. felt like drowning... i've no one to reLy on.. when it comes to a point ur own blood betrays u.. it pushed u even more.. it droWns u.. i dun even knoe whut i want.,, im 24 and still im losT.. yes i hev job.. a nice wonderfUl faMily.. n a wHole lOt friends..but still i feEl like emPty.. i wan mOre i guess.. (greedy uh?) agaIn.. i hev job.. but a Job that heV no fUture.. it stiLL dark.. im drOwning.. drOwning... - guess im jusT wasTin ma fucKin time tYping this.. babi pUnye isaM~! hwahwahwa..

Thursday, October 12, 2006


aah.. all work and no play make jack's a dull boy..