Sunday, June 17, 2007

in detail

aaah.. lemme think.. where should i start.. aight, last week - Sunday 10th june, got a call from nippon ask me to lookout for my friends (names that dont want to be mention) , i dont think much at that time.. as soon as i arrived (lendu melaka) im shocked when one of my friend told me that my other friends in lockup.. kinda confusing,, ok lemme put it this way, nippon ask me to look out for my friends (later called as A and B) so, back to the story, it happens that A and B is in lockup, Alor Gajah Police Station..

One of the guilty parties or should i say convict manage to escape (later called as C) so, eventually C is in Kl rite now, work his ass for money to settle the goddamn case, (pity him) what make things interesting is, im the only one who knows where C is, makes me feel guilty for not telling it to my other friend which is A and B, but by telling them make myself guilty as well, Yes, it is what we called betrayal.

So, i made a decission for not telling them and let they settle it themselves. -kapish

then.. last friday 15th june, i got my result and its quite okay, even though its not as i hope to get, but its okay,, as rashid said "at least u have buid a base" then.. i went back home
it was raining, - lets cut the chase, i had an accident, nearly lost my life. The car is badly damaged, but thank got it still can be drived.

arrived at home, im done~! bombared with missiles and motars from my dad and my mom. Not enough from that, things gone bad. When some motherfucker opens my document and found some of my picture - told my mom. i had a fight with my mom.. Things gone worse...

now i know why people said. bad things comes in threes... and somtimes comes in small package - in my case, it comes in two but in big package...
--im done--

Sunday, June 10, 2007

hepi ever after?

just get back from my friends wedding.. got a chance to met my long lost schoolmate.. nothing changed... when we all met we'll talked all the old memoirs, bubblin n laughing while insulting each others.. quite fun but literally annoying.. enuf for old shit. the thing that actually shocked my sock is,,.. marriage.. it makes u realize gods power.. destiny and all the "jodoh di tangan tuhan kinda thing" at 1st i thought my friends bride is actually his gf that i met last year,, which is a no no.. it happens that he married another gal.. and because of that i realize all the couple thinggy sometimes last until 5 years doesnt mean a thing if its not ur "jodoh".. kinda awful to say this but actually im afraid of marriage and god knows i dont wanna talk about it.. but when u saw every each of ur friends got this newly wed thinggy... it kinda shock my nerve.. the more i avoid thinkin 'bout this,, the more n much more it'll come.,, shit..
marriage is a whole life time commitment... god knows im still not ready for it..