Monday, October 29, 2007

monster in my stomach

since many years, now that feeling comes again, im just so fucking nervous, it feels like when i first step my foot on boarding schools 8 years ago. i just dunno why.. SHyte.. its just an exam, but somehow i don't feel comfortable with it.. who's in the blue moon feel comfortably with exam anyway.. if there is, im sure he/she's not a human at all. Everything doesn't makes sense to me, i often drift away, forget things im suppose to do, making things worse i cant memorize anything i just study... I'm so fucked up.. fell like i got monster in my stomach...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ku pun ta tahu - i also dont know

kadang-kadang ku ta tahu apa ku mahu..
tapi, kadang-kadang ku pasti ku mahu "itu"..
kadang-kadang ku pun tak tahu "itu" mahu ku..
kadang-kadang ku mahu lebih awal..
awal sebelum sesiapa..

sometimes i know what i want
but, sometimes i'm sure i want 'that'
sometimes i even don't know 'that' i want..
sometimes i wish i was early..
early than anyone..

Monday, October 15, 2007

raya oo raya

ooh.. its been a while since my last post.. all this while its been one hell a busy month.
here are some of hari raya photos.. (runs out of idea)..

banyaknye ketupat penat menganyam,
rendang dah masak mari lah rasa,
di hari mulia janganlah muram,
hari yang indah bersuka ria.