Sunday, June 10, 2007

hepi ever after?

just get back from my friends wedding.. got a chance to met my long lost schoolmate.. nothing changed... when we all met we'll talked all the old memoirs, bubblin n laughing while insulting each others.. quite fun but literally annoying.. enuf for old shit. the thing that actually shocked my sock is,,.. marriage.. it makes u realize gods power.. destiny and all the "jodoh di tangan tuhan kinda thing" at 1st i thought my friends bride is actually his gf that i met last year,, which is a no no.. it happens that he married another gal.. and because of that i realize all the couple thinggy sometimes last until 5 years doesnt mean a thing if its not ur "jodoh".. kinda awful to say this but actually im afraid of marriage and god knows i dont wanna talk about it.. but when u saw every each of ur friends got this newly wed thinggy... it kinda shock my nerve.. the more i avoid thinkin 'bout this,, the more n much more it'll come.,, shit..
marriage is a whole life time commitment... god knows im still not ready for it..

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