Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ku pun ta tahu - i also dont know

kadang-kadang ku ta tahu apa ku mahu..
tapi, kadang-kadang ku pasti ku mahu "itu"..
kadang-kadang ku pun tak tahu "itu" mahu ku..
kadang-kadang ku mahu lebih awal..
awal sebelum sesiapa..

sometimes i know what i want
but, sometimes i'm sure i want 'that'
sometimes i even don't know 'that' i want..
sometimes i wish i was early..
early than anyone..


Anonymous said...

and since when u use BM in blogging? so not u kot.

geonecide~flyuphigh said...

BM? is there any problem with BM? im just honoring my language.. hell with anyone who cant stand with BM language..