Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cleverly stupid

Sometimes, err, nope - its actually all the time... It requires special skills to deal with people who are cleverly stupid. I know this sounds like im complaining and im aware that i try to stop myself from complaining, but still im writing this to mark myself how its difficult to teach people who are cleverly stupid.

So, as oxymoron it sounds, cleverly stupid sarcastically defines people who are clever but actually or should i say reletively stupid at times. Especially when they ask you on something that they dont know but yet they wont accept the answer. Or at times. When we're trying to correct them on how to do things the correct way or the best way to make things done.

Say, people who with years of experience, do they got the right to not accept the truth stupidly just because they are 'cleverly' experienced? Or they just cleverly stupid.

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kirtikumar said...

They have that disposition, nature.Be frank. Don't complaint about that..