Thursday, August 10, 2006


just the sake of updating my blg.. last 2 days night.. i had an accident.. i knocked a driving school car.. (funny ey?) i bumped to his car and his car knocked the other kia rio infront.. i dunno whuts wrong with me.. im not drinking while driving.. i mean.. its just like dreaming.. i took a glance on my right side.. n then when i look again.. my car was already too close to the car infront.. it happens at 8.15pm - 8/8/06
thank god this uncle driving the drving school kancil was kind and sempoi.. but this melayu guy and his wife was damn arrogant.. bastard~!
her wife was like "ape nie? sape nak settle nie?" for god sake.. u only had a scratch on your bumper~!!! daa.. u can polish it and everything will gone away stewpid~!!
but then.. i try to cool myself down.. gave my phone no. and ask them to make a police report..
YES its my fault.. but u dun have to shout at me stupid~!! thanks for the uncle who back me up.. - i thought,,, malay is more polite compare to other races.. but.. im wrong...
this uncle is very cooll.. cooler than ice cube.. ehehe.. he was like "tapa punya.. tada hai punya.. ini kereta boley claim insurance.. orang semua tada papa.. apa maw kechow.. kasi buat repot suda la..."
yeah men.. thats it.. even we argue untill the next morning oso.. the car cant fixed by itself...
n then i went to police station at petaling street... make a report.. got summon ticket..
the next day.. called my uncle, he came and showed me the workshop..n sent my car there...
thats it.. cant even shopping these month.. so much for sale extravaganza.. bummer... T_T