Friday, November 23, 2007

ape ko merepek nih?

its past.. something that already happen, something that i cant change, something that i cant alter. I guess thats why we have past tense, old school, thats why we have antique, thats why we have old, and thats why we have memories.
Damn sure i cant change what i've already done. But i have to extremely be fuckin friggin sure that im gonna learn. Learn and bounce back to make every thing's good. Good to me, to people Im gonna face in the future and people in the past.
Im trying to make every moment of my life as exquisite as it is.

--pagi yang gelap kini sudah terang-- :)

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lolipopsugarpie said...

tayah piki sgt ye incik..kalo ade masalah saye sedia have to move on..carpe diem~