Thursday, November 15, 2007

the 'thing'

teh o suam.. barli suam.. iced longan.. kuey teow kungfu.. cheese.. strawvberri.. hot chocolate.. roxy.. wedges- no high heels.. white-black-red-green.. psycho thriller cum horror muvie.. 5 hours sleep.. VolksWagen.. vintage.. burung 'kuik-kuik'.. clear glass (kalau nak tinted- baik bwat opis)

Its amazing what this 'thing' can do to you.. to human being.. either it can makes your head straight up high or bow down and feeling gloomy. This 'thing' excites human brain and cause so many things, Studies have shown that mental scans of those in this 'thing' show a striking resemblance to those with a mental illness. The 'thing' creates activity in the same area of the brain that hunger, thirst, and drug cravings create activity in. therefore, could possibly be more physical than emotional (though drawing a clear line between physical and emotional is difficult when discussing the brain). This thing can be so dangerous if its not carefully handle. People suffer, people dies in the process.

What concerns me is.. right now i'm high with this thing

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