Saturday, August 02, 2008

money ...

i need money (who doesnt?).. eheh. all of a sudden. - i saw someone on last nite 'buletin utama' some MLM (multi level marketing laa doink~!) agent or something... i dunno what they called.. he just said that.. "duit bukan laa segala-galanya" (money is not everything) "tapi hampir segala-galanya perlukan duit" (but most everything needs money) damn right. And with all this money comes all sort of tools. Tools in how to gain money.. more n more. Why people study? cause they want a good decent work that pays.
And when it comes to work.. here.. i mean in Malaysia, still there are some obstacles for student especially malays. HUh~! im not saying im racist, its just thats the way they are we tend to be prejudice. Who doesnt? again, in the same 'buletin utama' it shows some conference at someplace involving Pak Lah and several uni students. And theres one UM students was asking "why are they so many malays in the government sector - meaning less of other races" then the PM answered with all this lame excuses like the govt are trying to balance and shit" i said hell with that.. if that lame ass joker ask me.. y they are so many malays.. my answer will be, this is malaysia and its my fucking country and its just the way they are. why in a chinese firm have so many chinese? Plus theres several medium big firm hiring only chinese? there u go lame ass doink~!
My point is, here.. even though this i multiracial country, there still racism among us. Not include the racist bias boss or racist bias job offering -eg; Chinese only - Chinese are much prefered- there u go

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Dayana said...

huyo! dah update!

tuka url blog saye pls thenks.
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