Wednesday, December 31, 2008

update update

for the sake of updating...
its been a while since my last post, i've been busy plus had limited access to the world wide web. Lots had happened, ive never been happy, my parents n sister just came back from mecca for the Haj.
I received my final results.. n i'm so xcited 'bout it, when first i received it.. i was stunned.. and i was like starring at the monitor looking at the result for like 3 minutes.. i just cant believed it, that i did it... and im so grateful for it.
Theres another 1 semester left. and im on my internship rite now. Days never been better except busier. I gain new friends and more than that i met several long lost friends. People moved... people changed.. so am i..

-new year 2009 - Hope for the best.. errr, it has to be better than the best.

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