Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As the time goes... I tend to learn more especially about human. About person, how human reacts. Why people lies, why people cheat, why people pretends. To be honest, I hate lies and pretending.

When people ask me on things, I will give a straight answer. Answer that is from me, an honest answer (without thinking about the person's feeling) and thinking that people can accept it - but I was wrong. As I learn about human, I cant do that anymore. Its not that I purposely want it but I just cant. The more you're trying to be yourself, the more you've been drag on other people shit. Its like a quicksand, more you struggle, the more you sink. I realise that human, likes to hear things that they want to hear, if not they dont want to accept it.

I hate to pretend that I like people, and I hate people who cant accept things I said whereas the person can say anything they want to me as if I don't have any feelings at all.

When this happens, I tend to judge people. And I really hate to judge people. This is where I start to choose, start to say things that the person only want to listen. I hate to choose, I hate to judge, I treat everyone I know equally. But I realise, that the world dont work that way. Human dont work that way.

Its truely a learning experience.

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