Wednesday, October 28, 2009


what happen today triggers me to write on this subject. Contribution - why people contribute? does it require a reason to contribute? probably yes for some people and for some, they did it because they like it or just because of the good deeds and for some other people they only do it only if they get some return from it.
I pretty hate the last one.. -I only contribute if only I get some return - kalau tak menguntungkan.. aku tanak buat - this kind of people tend to be calculative, manipulative, and one hell a sellfish bitch.. opps..~ mind my language.
But its true. They are the one who like to see other people fail when they can succeed. They are the one who like to cling on for the sake of once personal interest. People who like to step on others in order to succeed while letting aside all the morality. But again, in reality, most of these kind of people tend to be successful (even though not in a good way) especially in politics. Err.. yes this kind of people who like to swing around, acting like they like but at the end of the day, stabbing other people's back. yes.. they are good. (not all politician comes from this group yaaa)
Unfortunately most of the people tend to be fascinates by this people "deeds" while they didn't realize that this kind of people destroy other people's life.
therefore.. may this kind of people rot in hell...


Chern said...

if i may comment, i would say that u might be a little bit unfair on ur judgement.

some people may only contribute if it can be beneficial to them in any way...even if its indirectly. but with that alone, u cant simply categorize them as being selfish, let alone categorize them as people who like to back stab and wld like to see the failure of others.

to me, calculative IS necessary.

..aizuddin.. said...

hahaha.. bear in mind opinion doesnt have to be fair all the time... i didnt saye calculative is selfish.. but i say its a combination of others as well and selfish is one of it, people tend to be calculative.. its totally different.. n no offense on my judgement... it was said base on my experience.. thats all... cheers.. :)