Tuesday, August 31, 2010


this post is the continuation from my previous entries too hard and too much plus response from comment made by scratch the hostile fay . So, for the past one month and 10 days, I've faced some tremendous challenge in my life. For some, they might faced worst than mine, but for me its an unforgettable experience. So let me expound...

On 23rd July my father was sick - 24th July he was admitted - Suspected having pneumonia plus lung infection. Having difficulty to breathe - 24th July - during that night on the 24th, he's breathing getting worse, thus force the doctor to do tracheal intubation. At 3.00 am, theres no positive sign. Required me to call my mom and my other relatives.

ECG reading - (25th July 4.00am)
Oxygen level - 84% (normal = 99% -100%)

Doctor's in-charge advice me to be prepare for the worst.... worst???

My worst fear of all. Fear of losing. Even though i admit every single human in this world shall die, but i just can accept it. Kept thinking why this is happening to me, my father, my family. Every single part of my body was numb.

ECG reading - (25th July 6.00am)
Oxygen level - 92% (getting better) grateful

9.30am - ambulance ride to the General Hospital. 1.00pm admitted to ICU.


3rd day my father in ICU (28th July)

I had an accident. - damage = RM2000 (god give me patience)


7th day in ICU, my father finally awake (unconscious for the past seven day). Day 8 he was discharge from ICU to normal ward.


Day 22. Had another accident = damage = RM 300.00


I guess some bad things comes in many. More than that, several bad things did happened during that time (not worth typing)


God give me patience.. give me grace...

p/s - on the 27th august my father was discharge from hospital. As for now, that was the best day of my entire life. He is healthy now (slowly recovering except some bad sore at the back due to lying in bed for long period in ICU)

So.... is this too hard and too much? I guess not. I apologies as I am not as strong as I think during that time. Experience educates... patience, responsibility, commitment, endurance, love... God works in mysterious ways


Hwei Cheng said...

Hey Aizuddin!!! It has been ages! Don't know so much happened..it is good to know everything is alright now. Take Care kay? =D

Liaen said...

Just to say, your're all in my prayers (:

(my blog)

Suresh K said...

Bro, how is everything? Hope things get better and take care ok!

..aizuddin.. said...

everythin gettin better now.. thanx suresh..