Saturday, September 18, 2010

love you mom.. love ur dad.. love your family

for the past two weeks... we've been filled with high profile homicide case name I don't want to mentioned. The victim was a millionaire, rumors said, the person owns asset worth 100 million ringgit. Anyway, that 100 million asset worth nothing now (except for the beneficiary)

I'm not saying this to provoke anyone or critic any person, just making my point that no matter wealthy you are, how many cars you have, how big your house is, how beautiful your wife is, how expensive your wine is, how hot your girlfriend is, how fast your car is, how expensive your blinks is, how rare you cloth is... all those thing wont matter at all when you kick the bucket.

Past experience teach me a lot. When my dad was sick, everything wont matter at all, cars? money? house? Nothing matters. Except to see he smile and walk straight again. Thank God. Everything is good now.

So... be modest, be thankful for everything you have now because you never no what will happen tomorrow. love your self... love your mom... love your dad... love your love ones.. love your family.

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