Tuesday, May 09, 2006

so much fOr work

so mucH of havin a work.. it comes to a point when u need a wOrk.. u need to find a job.. of coz.. to earn money u must hev job.. but whuts the poInt havin a job doesnt suits ur Life.. im not goin to be kinda chOosie person.. but yes.. im choosIe anyway (whut the heck@!?)
my point is.. yes.. i hev a work.. but then i also hev this so called fucked up manager.. havin a manager whO dunno how to facilitate the emPloyees is worse.. worse? definition as in worse.. hmm.. let me think,, ok.. one persOn alreadY resign becoz something silly.. one person being accuse of some so called sOb stories.. so.. whut kind of manager is this..
manager description :
busuk hati...
bad time management..
so stewpid..
taK sedaR diri..
bodoh sombong..
and many more..
thats it..
even now..
im in the office..
if she look at this.. as in im typin for this blog.. she dun even know.. whut the heck that im doing now..
all she care is.. herself..
u boott licker her.. then u got promotion..
promotion.. aa promotion.. dun think 'bout any promotion when u working in this sucked up department..
aaaa... hev to find another job..
god help me ...

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