Wednesday, May 10, 2006

so slEepy

aaah.. so sleepy.. its 10.11 a.m..
i just got 27 contaCt.. so much for finding coNtact.. maNn.. god kNoes i dun want to do this 4 the entire of ma life.. this morning i had naSi lemaK lauk paRu as breaKfasT.. damn im so full plus sleepy :0 .. by the way.. i hev new cOmers working on my region nOw.. i dunno whut happen.. but it seeMs they are so terrOr oo.,. why? coz.. they never ask me about anythin regarding the job.. so proud i guess....
dunnO whuts wrong with their stucked uP attitude.. naah.. nevermind.. hope for their best in their jOb..
i just give jheng some info 'bout nestle job vacancy.. seems hes interested.. thanx to myspace and dell..
hmm.. cant wait until thursday.. wanna go home.. relax,,, hev a quality time,, (quality sleep kOt)..ok.. got to work..
kerja lagie ? T_T

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